Cold Cutting

When you have a repair or a tie in on a pipeline that was previously on-line, you will want to call on someone who is experienced in the cutting of such line. We have completed numerous safe cuts in refineries, compressor stations, marsh areas, and also in dig outs. These portable cutting machines are capable of cutting and beveling all wall thicknesses and alloys. Before cutting the pipe we can install a single or double bevel cutting tool into the machine. This will assist the welder in welding the section back together with ease. While cutting the section of pipeline out, the clamshell saw is actually cutting and beveling the pipe all in one continuous motion. This results in faster “back on-line” time.

Size ranges for these pipe cutting and pipe beveling machines cover 3" OD to 50" OD.

Clamshell saws are air operated, so there is no chance of an ignition source. Tooling accessories for our pipe cutting and pipe beveling clamshells include; sever slides, single bevel, dual bevel, axial feed module, single point, counter bore and swivel head modules.