Tubing Testing

Mobile tubing testing was very prominent in the 1980’s; it saved time and money for production companies. Those production companies did not have to call out a trucking company to haul the pipe back in to the pipe yard to get it re-tested.

This is where Phoenix Oilfield Services, L.L.C. is once again setting themselves apart from its competitors. Phoenix has designed and built a Mobile Tubing Testing unit; this unit can fill, test, dewater, and log testing pressure and joint number via a computer on board. Its three man crew can successfully test up to 120 joints of 2 7/8 PH6 tubing an hour. This mobile unit has threaded test caps that thread on to the box and pin side of the tubing, resulting in a true complete test of the joint.

Our state of the art testing unit is also environmentally friendly, as it can recycle its water through out the day, and never have an ounce of water touch the ground!

Mobile casing testing is also available.