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Bolt Tensioning

Phoenix Oilfield Services follows industry standards to keep our hydraulic bolt tensioning services safe and accurate.

Chemical Injection

Chemical injection into pipelines uses special chemical solutions to: remove formation buildup, clean various blockages, reduce and inhibit future corrosion, and work with other oil flow issues.

Hydrostatic Testing

Phoenix Oilfield Services is quickly becoming a leader in the hydrostatic testing field. Our business specializes in inspecting pipelines for leaks through the use of high-pressure testing.

Mobile Test Unit

With our mobile testing trailer, we can hydro test any piping system at a distance up to 250 feet to maximize safety.  Our automated system keeps pressure between minimum and maximum of test pressure and is able to test up to 30,000 PSI.

Hydraulic Torquing

Hydraulic torquing has a number of advantages. Our torque tooling is versatile and can be used on a single flange or to construct an entire facility. This form of torquing has a high accuracy rate, making it ideal for use in any project that requires a great deal of precision.

Cold Cutting

If your pipelines are currently offline, you may find yourself in need of cold cutting options. The company that you select for the work should be experienced. We have safely cut many pipelines, including those in refineries, marsh areas and compressor stations.

About Us & Why We are
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Phoenix Oilfield Services, LLC is quickly becoming known in the oilfield for our customer service as well as our excellent service on pipeline systems. We have taken the pipe cleaning, cutting and testing industry to a new level. Our services include hydrostatic testing, chemical injection, bolt tensioning, hydraulic torquing and cold cutting. All of our pumps are designed, built, and serviced in house to provide optimum service to you, our valued customer.


We have used Micahel Trahan with Phoenix Oilfield Services many times throughout the years and have never been happier with their services.  Always professional and on time with everything they do.  Customer service is second to none.


When you need the job to run smooth, with no hiccups, give Michael Trahan at Phenoix Oilfield Services a call.  When they are on my site, I never worry.  



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