Cold Cutting
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Cold cutting has safer advantages over other cutting techniques that are used today. Because there is no ignition source being created during the cutting, the pipeline does not have to be made completely gas-free. This saves a major amount of time and money because the line does not need to be emptied, only needs to be relieved of all pressure. Another advantage is that often there is no need for a (red) hot work permit. Obviously, this saves a lot of paperwork, time, and costs.

Safety is one of our top priorities. We therefore always make sure that there are no fire, flames, or anyone smoking present when cutting and beveling. This makes it impossible for combustible gasses to ignite and explode. Phoenix Oilfield Services work with a special clamshell machining tool that we can use this cutting tool to cut or bevel pipe. The tool can be configured in a way as to cut, bevel, or double bevel each end of pipe to a requested degree. This speeds up fitment and welding process by 75%.  The cold cutting tool works from the outside of the pipe to inside. Only during the last seconds of the process is the pipe is completely penetrated and released. By working according to this method, the hazards are greatly reduced. The contents of the pipe, which can sometimes be dangerous, are exposed to open air only for a brief period. This method cutting is better for both air quality and the staff that has to work with hazardous substances.

Cold cutting can be applied in several cases. We not only use the cold cutting tool for cutting pipelines but also for the machining of pipe ends. Cold cutting can also be used to cut through double walls or hardened steel.

Phoenix Oilfield Services has vast experience in cold cutting and beveling and always perform under strict safety regulations.

Our Services

Bolt Tensioning

Phoenix Oilfield Services follows industry standards to keep our hydraulic bolt tensioning services safe and accurate.

Chemical Injection

Chemical injection into pipelines uses special chemical solutions to: remove formation buildup, clean various blockages, reduce and inhibit future corrosion, and work with other oil flow issues.

Hydrostatic Testing

Phoenix Oilfield Services is quickly becoming a leader in the hydrostatic testing field. Our business specializes in inspecting pipelines for leaks through the use of high-pressure testing.

Mobile Test Unit

With our mobile testing trailer, we can hydro test any piping system at a distance up to 250 feet to maximize safety.  Our automated system keeps pressure between minimum and maximum of test pressure and is able to test up to 30,000 PSI.

Hydraulic Torquing

Hydraulic torquing has a number of advantages. Our torque tooling is versatile and can be used on a single flange or to construct an entire facility. This form of torquing has a high accuracy rate, making it ideal for use in any project that requires a great deal of precision.

Cold Cutting

If your pipelines are currently offline, you may find yourself in need of cold cutting options. The company that you select for the work should be experienced. We have safely cut many pipelines, including those in refineries, marsh areas, and compressor stations.


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